Ding, Dong… Passport

Ding, Dong… Passport

The girl and the swallow

Welcome to the Airport. Pass, pass, pass… you don’t pass! 

The girl is playing in her room, as always alone. She dreams about traveling to other countries and being the pilot of a plane. Suddenly, a swallow flies into her room and falls on the floor. The bird is disoriented, it has lost its flock of birds, and it is confused. Flapping his wings excitedly, the bird tells a story from the south where all the swallows fly during winter, and every flap emphasizes the different colors there, and the taste of apples. The girl becomes curious and decides to join the swallow on her trip to the southern tip. But the swallow does not have a passport! Without passport no ticket and without ticket the swallow has no chance to get on the plane. To not leave the swallow behind, they must find another solution and so, for both, a fantastic and adventurous journey, which will change the girl forever, is about to be started.

“Ding, Dong… Passport” invades the wonderful world of bird migration which becomes a metaphor: Since humanity has existed, individuals, often entire peoples, have been travelling across borders, until the present day. The migration of birds – the flock of birds still awakens in us humans the ancient dream of flying, to lift us up into the air with our own arms, far away from any bureaucratic hurdles, far across seas and deserts. Which meaning does the diverse migration of birds have for the earth and humans? Perhaps these countless flaps of wings of these little creatures enliven and move the earth?

“A play about journey, courage, friendship and solidarity: A hand becomes a swallow. Let us offer each other our hands to inspire each other!”

“A touching play, very poetic … the actress gives form and space to the invisible.”

“A gentle but profound metaphor for many travelers of our time…”

Treating the sentence: “We always fly towards the light, over the black clouds, away from the evil feelings that hurt our hearts.”

Performance with dance, music and shadow play 
for children from the age of 7

Duration: 45 minutes

with Evi Unterthiner
Direction Giovanni Zurzolo
Dramaturgy Christine Perri, Andrea Rizza Goldstein
Music Christian Unterthiner
Choreography Giulia Manzato
Vocal training Monika Callegaro
Foto and Video Andrea Rizza Goldstein

With the support: Autonomous Province of Bozen, Municipality of Merano

On Tour: 2018 Corleto Perticara (Potenza)
2019: Internationales Festival Asfaltart Meran, Theater im Hof Bozen
2020: WUK KinderKultur Vienna

Technical Rider

Ding Dong… Passport – TRAILER from teatroZAPPAtheater on Vimeo.

Ding, Dong… Passport

Kurier Wien – Artikel

Lisistriade – teatro territorio

Don Kihot – Trailer